room rates
Halong Bay

All prices on this page are for two adults per room per night INCLUDING breakfast, taxes and service charges. 

We can book rooms in all categories, e.g. from Superior Sooms to Presidential Suite.

Call (08) 3512 9662 (landline), or 01665 349 235 (mobile) for more information or booking. 

Carina Cruise Halong Bay: From VND 2,257,500

Halong Pearl Hotel: From VND 935,000

Ha Long DC Hotel: From VND 990,000

Halong Plaza Hotel: From VND 1,100,000

Royal Lotus Hotel Ha Long: From VND 1,287,000

Paradise Suites Hotel : From VND 1,702,800

Royal Villas Halong: From VND 1,991,000

White Dolphin Charter Cruise: From VND 2,088,900

Novotel Ha Long Bay Hotel: From VND 2,192,400

Halong Victory Cruise: From VND 2,467,500

Marguerite Garden Cruise Halong: From VND 2,709,000

Halong Glory Legend Cruise: From VND 2,934,750

Paradise Peak Cruise: From VND 3,491,250

Halong Paloma Cruise: From VND 3,528,000

Paloma Private Cruise: From VND 3,528,000

Halong Bhaya Cruise : From VND 3,570,000

Halong Aclass Opera Cruise: From VND 3,589,950

Aclass Legend Cruise Halong Bay: From VND 3,725,400

Pelican Halong Cruise : From VND 3,725,400

Syrena Cruise: From VND 3,990,000

Emeraude Classic Cruises: From VND 4,061,400

Gray Line Halong Cruise: From VND 4,289,250

Aphrodite Cruises Halong: From VND 4,546,500

Garden Bay Cruise: From VND 4,560,150

Halong Victory Star Cruise: From VND 4,620,000

Indochina Sails: From VND 5,418,000

Luxury White Dolphin Cruise: From VND 5,649,000

Signature Halong Cruise: From VND 5,898,900

Paradise Luxury Cruise: From VND 5,945,100

Paradise Privilege Cruise: From VND 6,357,750

Call (08) 3512 9662 (landline), or 01665 349 235 (mobile) for more information or booking.

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