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1. Do your prices include taxes and other charges?

Yes, our prices include all taxes and other charges.

2. Do your prices include breakfast?

Most of the prices include breakfast. Only a few are exclusive of breakfast and will be noted in booking confirmation.

3. How many guests per room are the prices for?

Almost all the prices on our website are for two adults. Sometimes it is for two adults and one to two children, which will be specified in the price.

4. Are the prices valid for weekends, Tet and other Vietnamese public holidays?

The prices in our "exclusive deals" are valid for weekends, but for Tet and other Vietnamese public holidays, surcharge will be applied

5. Can I add an extra bed in my room?Most hotels allow children to stay in the room with parents either with or without an extra bed. However, this is dependent on each property's policies and procedures. Some types of room cannot be required an extra bed. You will be charged for the extra bed asked.

6. Why are your prices so low?

We are long-term business partners of many four and five star hotels in Vietnam and benefit from the most competitive prices. NTTV Communications, sister company of NTTV Travel, is PR Communications partner of the top hotels and resorts, hence our priority to get the best prices, which we pass on to you, our customers.

7. What if I want to upgrade my room?

If you want to upgrade your room, you will either pay the price difference directly to the hotel or to us. 

8. Why has the room rate changed?

Our hotel partners have the ability to change rates and promotions at any time. Room rates on our websites is for your reference so please contact us to get best available rates.

9. Can you recommend me a hotel? 

Yes, we provide travel advice. Just let us know your requirements, we will recommend the hotel, the room type as well as the hotel reviews to help you make a decision.

10. What if I find a cheaper price elsewhere?

We value our “Best price guarantee” for our room rates. If within 24 hours after booking with us, you find a room of the same type and on the same day(s) with a lower price, we will refund you the difference.


-           We compare prices with official hotel booking websites. We do not acknowledge prices from voucher sales in forums, classified ads, or prices sold to friends and families.

-           The prices are for the same type of room. E.g. if the room we book for you is flexible in cancellation terms, the prices you would like us to compare with has to be flexible in cancellation terms. 

Payment and Refund

1. How can I make payment for my booking? 

We currently accepts cash, bank transfer and credit cards. We will send you booking confirmation and attached Invoice which has payment information included in.

2. Can I pay cash at the hotel for my reservation? 

No, you have to make payment to us as specified in Invoice or the hotel will charge you much higher than our rates.

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